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Tyler Naquin is raking, here's a shirt to prove it

Look, you are not having a great season until someone makes a shirt about you. It's science.

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Cleveland Indians rookie Tyler Naquin has been absolutely incredible this season. Although he fell off a lot of peoples' radar in the last few years, he played his way onto the roster in spring training and has not looked back since as one of the league's best hitters and the current front-runner for American League Rookie of the Year.

In order to properly celebrate just how great he has been (and maybe as an apology for not believing in him), Let's Go Tribe once again has partnered with Breakingt to bring you an awesome t-shirt. If you could not tell by the title, sub-heading, first paragraph, and the first sentence of this paragraph, the shirt is about Rakin' Tyler Naquin!

Click here to buy the 'Rakin' Tyler Naquin' t-shirt!

Naquin recently won his second consecutive Rookie of the Month award, which is something that no other Indians player has done since the award first began in 2001. He leads all qualified American League Rookies in FanGraphs WAR (2.2), slugging percentage (.594), wOBA (.410), wRC+ (162), and he is tied for second in home runs behind he-who-shall-not-be-named from the Minnesota Twins. Not to mention he has the strongest stirrup game in the business.

Also, don't forget to check out our other shirts: One to celebrate Jose Ramirez's unbelievable helmet-flipping abilities, and another just to wear whenever the Indians win. Legend has it, if you wear all three shirts at the same time, clap 100 times, and make a wish, your hands will hurt a lot but at least you'll be wearing three awesome shirts.