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8/1/16 Trade Deadline Discussion Megathread

The stove is HOT.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With just under 3 hours to go until the trade deadline, teams are frantically trying to make last minute deals to either bolster their current team or to set themselves up for the future.  The Cleveland Indians could be in the market for another bat (they've been linked to Carlos Beltran and Steve Pearce), which would help to mitigate the no-go on Jonathan Lucroy.  As of this writing, the most recent moves have seen Josh Reddick and Rich Hill going to the Dodgers and Jay Bruce headed to the Mets.  The Tribe was potentially in on Bruce, but it seems like that ship has sailed.

Who do you want to see the Indians pick up before 4 PM?  Could Pearce or Beltran be playing in Cleveland by the end of the week?  With the recent development in LA, could Yasiel Puig be on the market now?  COULD WE TRADE FOR ALL-STAR JONATHAN LUCROY?!?!?!

Only time will tell.

UPDATE #1: Hoynes believes that the Indians are furiously attempting to add a bat before the deadline.

UPDATE #2: The Cleveland Indians have acquired OF Brandon Guyer from the Tampa Bay Rays, per Jon Heyman.

UPDATE #3: Jordan Bastian has the specifics of the deal for Brandon Guyer