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Carrasco leads Indians in quest fo 11 in a row against Tigers

Let's hope all the partying at Napoli's didn't leave anyone with a Fausto Carmona-esque hangover

I can feel it comin' in aaaaiiiir tonight
I can feel it comin' in aaaaiiiir tonight
Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

The Indians are 10-0 this year against the Tigers. Does that feel as good to read as it did to type? Anyway, no time to rest on our laurels. Carlos Carrasco takes the hill tonight and attempts to lead the Tribe to their 11th straight. With Jordan Zimmerman moving to the DL, Carrasco now faces off against Anibal Sanchez, who returns from bullpen purgatory to make the start in Zimmerman's place.

Sanchez has been an abject failure so far this year, having given up 50 earned runs in just over 74 innings pitched. You might be thinking this is one of those games where the Tribe will struggle to score runs against a down-and-out pitcher, and you may be right because baseball is unpredictable. These career stats against Sanchez should help ease your fears, though (SSS trigger warning):

  • Carlos Santana 30 PA, .280/.400/.520/.920
  • Mike Napoli: 19 PA, .400/.526/.933/1.460
  • Yan Gomes: 17 PA, .438/.471/1.000/1.471

Just don't mind the Tribe hitters who are bad against him. LGT!

Today's Lineups

Ian Kinsler - 2B Carlos Santana - DH
Cameron Maybin - CF Jason Kipnis - 2B
Miguel Cabrera - 1B Francisco Lindor - SS
Victor Martinez - DH Mike Napoli - 1B
Nick Castellanos - 3B Jose Ramirez - 3B
Justin Upton - LF Lonnie Chisenhall - RF
Steven Moya - RF Rajai Davis - LF
James McCann - C Tyler Naquin - CF
Jose Iglesias - SS Yan Gomes - C
Anibal Sanchez - RHP Carlos Carrasco - RHP