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News and Notes: The Cleveland Indians' winning streak ends

Rajai Davis' cycle made the first loss in two weeks somewhat easier to take

Did he actually touch the plate ahead of the tag? MLB says he did.
Did he actually touch the plate ahead of the tag? MLB says he did.
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday's Game: Blue Jays 9, Indians 6

Cleveland Indians' 14-game winning streak ends in 9-6 loss to Toronto Blue Jays |

Blue Jays end Indians' win streak at 14 games |

Cavalcade of pitchers can't get 15th straight win for Cleveland Indians - Let's Go Tribe

It is true that the Indians didn't play particularly well, so that the controversial call wasn't the only reason they lost yesterday. If Carlos Santana catches the relay from Juan Uribe, the Indians are leading 6-4 at the time. The Indians also couldn't drive in a couple runners at third with less than two outs. But even so, it still stings that a 3-minute review (and frankly, if it takes that long to determine something, then just let the call as made on the field stand) was the proximate reason the streak ended.

But you could also look at yesterday's game in a positive light. By sending in Trevor Bauer the day before, the Indians in theory sacrificed yesterday's contest in order to have a better chance of winning on Friday. But they almost pulled off the two-for, winning despite starting a reliever, despite having a pitcher who until yesterday hadn't thrown over the AA level pitch 3.2 innings. It almost worked.

Cleveland Indians' Rajai Davis waits for big stage to hit first cycle of career |

History was made yesterday, just not in the team wins category. Rajai Davis hit for the cycle, the first Indian to do so since Travis Hafner pulled off the feat in the BaggyDome in 2003, and only the second time a Cleveland player did it since 1978.

Cleveland Indians' Terry Francona 'shocked' out call overturned in loss to Toronto |

So were the rest of us, Terry.

Indians display grit in streak-ending loss |

Some quotes from the players.

Tribe News

Cleveland Indians have Terry Talkin' how they are winning and winning -- Terry Pluto (photos) |

To win 14 games in a row you need to be doing everything well (and have some luck), but in particular the Indians have pitched extremely well and played very good defense, as Pluto notes in his weekly column.

He also mentions Abraham Almonte, who is eligible to return to action today. The Indians will need to make a move to add him back to the 40-man roster, but could option him to Columbus in favor of another pitcher or an infielder (see below).

Indians' Juan Uribe: X-rays on hand returned negative -

Uribe was hit in the hand on a pitch yesterday, and had to leave the game. As the headline notes, he has no broken bones, but the fingernail on his throwing thumb was badly damaged. If he's going to be out for a couple days, then the Indians are going to want to bring up an infielder. Giovanny Urshela would make the most sense if they decide to go the infielder route, with Erik Gonzalez being the other option on the 40-man roster.

Sunday Notes: Ambidextrous Cowgill, Lawrie’s Knuckler, Aussie Oriole, more | FanGraphs Baseball

Collin Cowgill only bats right-handed, but that doesn't apply to other things, including bowling and pool.

MLB News

Disney Invests Over $1 Billion in MLBAM | FanGraphs Baseball

It looks like ESPN/Disney is hedging their bets on the future of the bundling system. For now MLB still owns MLBAM but Disney has an option to become controlling owner in the future. I'd rather have seen MLB use MLBAM to cut the national networks completely out from their games, but it looks like that isn't going to happen.

Fort Bragg hosts MLB game Marlins vs Braves |

The Braves and Marlins will play tonight at a new specially-built field at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Nick Swisher To Sit Out Rest Of Season - MLB Trade Rumors

He is still under contract with the Braves (although the Indians are contributing a large portion of that salary), but he will spend the rest of the 2016 season at home after the birth of his second child. He says he isn't retiring, but I think he's played in his last major-league game.