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One year ago today Trevor Bauer made NL batting rules almost seem fun

It doesn't make up for the thousands of other boring pitcher at-bats, but it sure was fun.

Last year's Cleveland Indians team was very different than the one currently enjoying a growing lead in the American League Central. They were different for various reasons that have been discussed ad nauseam before, but one constant that has always remained is Trevor Bauer's personality and sense of humor.

That was never more apparent than last July when Trevor was on the mound -- and at the plate -- against the Pittsburgh Pirates. At the time, the Indians were 38-41, the weather was rainy and terrible, and we still were not sure if Lindor's success was for real. It was kind of difficult to have a good time. Then Trevor did this:

Hands down, the best part is hearing Matt Underwood and Rick Manning's child-like excitement at seeing a pitcher imitating batting stances. All told, Trevor imitated the Mike Aviles swirling action, Jason Kipnis' relaxed stance, and Ryan Raburn's clapping elbows.

Even amidst all this sillyness, Trevor still put together a pretty good at-bat, drawing a walk on a full count.