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Let's Talk Tribe Podcast Ep. 40: The one about prospects

In this week's episode, Matt and a slew of awesome guest hosts talk about prospects. Lots and lots of prospects. And a rumor-spreading scoreboard.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The trade deadline is right around the corner, so naturally we are going to talk about prospects! With Jason out of town for a few days, I brought on a few great guest hosts, including Let's Go Tribe staffers Matt Schlichting and Brian Hemminger, and Detroit Tigers MiLB photographer and blogger (and huge Indians farm system fan) Emily Waldon.

First off, apologies for the quality at the beginning. Skype was having a hell of a time keeping up apparently, because it kept slowing down then quickly snapping and speeding up our voices. I ended up cutting around 12 minutes of a great conversation just so people wouldn't get frustrated by the quality and stop listening. If you want to hear some talk about Francisco Mejia and Yandy Diazgive this a listen at your peril. A lot of great stuff, but the quality is iffy.

Onto the actual episode! We still had a lot of great discussions, and insights from Matt, Brian, and Emily were fantastic. Emily and I also discuss the merits of Frazier's hair and how it glows perfectly in the setting sun.

We got a lot of great questions prior to the episode, so a good chunk is dedicated to answering them. @XCWarrior wants to know if any catchers in the farm system can hit over .200 and play defense, @DanielSquareE wants to know if we'd rather have Justus Sheffield develop into a 3/4 starter or a closer, @ShrockTheWorld wants an update on Brady Aiken, @hiramboyd wants to know what Anthony Santander needs to do to get some damn respek and @PiecesOfJunkin wants to know who could eventually replace Cody Allen as well as our top 5 overall prospects.

This week's episode clocks in at 63 minutes. Thanks for listening!

Special thanks

  • Intro and outro music: I'm a Machine by Glass Lux
  • Emily Waldon for joining us! You can find her on Twitter @emilywaldon2080 for some perspective on the Indians farm system as well as the rival Tigers' farm.
  • Whoever suggests a good alternative to Skype