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Indians N&N: When will Michael Brantley and Zach McAllister return?

McAllister will win this race. BUT BY HOW MUCH??????

Because you're probably tired of Brantley photos too
Because you're probably tired of Brantley photos too
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The Indians probably should have lost 17-4 last night. But this Indians team isn't a 2009 Indians team. So the Indians won last night instead. 7–6. On this Francisco Lindor walkoff single. Off of Jonathan Papelbon. After this Tyler Naquin double.

Lindor also made this play. But he (supposedly) "can't do it by himself," according to "Walkman" who replied to that tweet—before proceeding to tell @MLBGIFs to "Get [Lindor] some help."

So remember: If the Indians add less than $1M in payroll at the deadline, go on twitter and shout "MLB GIFS! U IZ SO CHEEP!"

Dan Otero lowered his ERA to 1.13 by pitching two scoreless (hitless!) innings. LGT recap

Indians News and Notes

Old Rough and Ready will pitch in AA later today and is close to being activated. Maybe the time off taught him some offspeed pitches.

• The Indians could pursue Eduardo Nuñez.

• Michael Brantley is confident he will return this season. 2 out of 3 is better than 0 out of 3. (Unless he's replacing somebody more effective who can play 3 out of 3, of course.)

• Columbus SP Adam Plutko had a perfect game in the 8th inning but it was broken up by a one-out single.

• Austin Adams has allowed the 2nd highest average exit velocity against in baseball.

Around Baseball

• The San Diego Padres traded OF Melvin "Bossman Junior" Upton to Toronto for a minor league pitcher. Proving that Mark Shapiro is still very good at what he does, the Jays will pay only $5M of the $22M Upton is owed.

• Shapiro also managed to actually get something for Drew Storen. Specifically, Joaquin Benoit.

• The Kansas City Royals demoted Whit "Real Name" Merrifield to AAA and replaced him with Raul Mondesi Jr. Of course, Tom Hamilton compared Mondesi to Francisco Lindor last night. Of course he did.

• The Cubs officially added Aroldis Chapman to their roster and DFA'd Clayton Richard to make room—which is kind of interesting because Richard was good in 2015 and pitches with that hand we're stuggling to find.

Speaking of which, Kyle Crockett pitched the LOOGYest Bryan Shaw inning ever last night. Working behind 2-0 to Bryce Harper and Daniel Murphy, he got Harper to ground out and got Murphy to line into a double play. The scouts will tell you it was ugly, but SuperCrockett will say "1 of 1 scoreless inning!"

• The Rangers called up Joey Gallo.

Now a tweet: