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Indians news and notes: Tribe looks for bullpen help as trade deadline approaches

Morning news & notes for Tuesday, July 26, 2016.

This is the face Tito makes when it's the 8th inning and Bryan Shaw is not pitching.
This is the face Tito makes when it's the 8th inning and Bryan Shaw is not pitching.
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

After a disheartening weekend in Baltimore and an off day, the Cleveland Indians find themselves back at Progressive Field for some interleague play against the Washington Nationals.  Could be good.  Could be bad.  It'll definitely be something.  The Tribe got lucky during this past weekend due to the poor play by the Tigers and the Royals; because of this, they find themselves entering this new series up 5.5 games in the AL Central.  Some help from the Red Sox and the Angels would be much appreciated as the Indians look to start a new win streak.  And now, onto the news!

Indians news

  • With Chapman gone, Tribe to look elsewhere | MLB
    Yesterday, the Cubs overpaid for a two month rental of Aroldis Chapman when they handed over four players to the Yankees.  I'm not giddy about facing a bolstered Chicago bullpen in October, but I'm even more happy that the Cleveland FO didn't give up significant talent in order to land a relief pitcher (albeit, a very good relief pitcher) for the rest of 2016.
  • Allen happy to shift roles to improve bullpen | MLB
    Speaking of relief pitchers, Cody Allen has said that he'd be willing to move out of the traditional "closer" role if it meant helping the team win more games.  While I don't see Allen being uprooted by any reliever, I wouldn't mind seeing him pitch in more crucial spots in games as opposed to waiting for a save opportunity that may or may not ever come.
  • Cleveland Indians should consider Jeanmar Gomez when looking for bullpen help |
    If doling out top talent for a relief pitcher isn't your thing, you may be interested in former Tribe starter Jeanmar Gomez.  The Phillies will surely be sellers at the deadline, and Gomez wouldn't cost nearly as much as a Chapman or Miller.

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