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Indians news and notes: Late inning meltdown ruins sterling Kluber start

Morning news & notes for Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Jarrod Dyson has become public enemy #1, surpassing the imaginary one (Cheslor Cuthbert) and the Hobbit (Whit Merrifield)
Jarrod Dyson has become public enemy #1, surpassing the imaginary one (Cheslor Cuthbert) and the Hobbit (Whit Merrifield)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Late inning losses sure do bring out the best in folks, eh?  If you were on the internet yesterday evening during the eighth inning of the Cleveland-Kansas City game, you probably noticed some vitriol being thrown about in regards to a number of different things, including Jarrod Dyson, Tom Hamilton, Bryan Shaw, probably the state of Missouri as a whole.  During the bullpen meltdown, my girlfriend turned to me and noted that I was surprisingly calm and uncharacteristically unfazed by the downfall of the Cleveland Indians to the Kansas City Royals.  In truth, despite last night's agonizing loss, the Tribe still sits 5.5 games ahead of second place Detroit and 7 games ahead of the Royals.  It's July 19th.  I wasn't expecting the Tribe to win out from now until the playoffs.  Yesterday's loss stunk pretty terribly, but like Matt said in the post-game Facebook chat (which you should all tune into, he's fantastic), it counts as just one loss.  Time to shake it off and look forward to Danny Salazar dominating the Kansas City lineup tonight.  And now, onto the news!

Indians 3, Royals 7

LGT RecapBox Score

Last night was great until it wasn't.  Lindor cranked out another home run, and Kluber was stellar yet again, going 7 shutout innings while striking out 8 and walking 3 before the bullpen came in and "lol nope'd" all over the field to ruin a good time.  I can't paint nearly the picture that Matt did in the LGT recap, so check it out for some fun commentary on last night's contest.

Indians news

  • Terry Francona and Carlos Santana's pregame ritual involved lots of kissing | MLB
    It seems as if the dugout temperature is rising along with the weather.  But hey, whatever works, I'll accept and embrace it.
  • Roberto Perez says he's 100 percent and ready to catch for the Cleveland Indians |
    Last night, Roberto Perez made his first start for the Cleveland Indians since April 30 of this year.  While he didn't tally any hits, he had a handful of great plate appearances that resulted in a walk.  On the defensive side of things, Perez was able to throw out the speedy Dyson, who was attempting to steal second base, in the seventh inning.  A healthy Roberto Perez could do wonders for the Indians going forward as Yan Gomes heals.
  • Tribe needs relief after bullpen collapse in KC | MLB
    Jeff Manship expressed his utter disappointment in himself following last night's game, saying that he let everyone down.  Bryan Shaw neglected to speak with reporters, opting instead to quietly resign himself to the showers.  However, the most surprising turn of events came in the form of a Corey Kluber meltdown; he was quoted saying: "Obviously, it's frustrating".  Someone should really cool Corey Kluber down, there's no need for that type of outburst.
  • Around the League

    I think we all need some happiness.  Gaze upon Reddit user /u/n4rcotix's graphical standings of the AL Central and smile: