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Updated: Trevor Bauer loses his drone in a tree, turns to Twitter for help

It went about as well as you'd expect. (Update: The drone is home safe)

Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Trevor Bauer is having some mechanical issues. No, his delivery does not have a hitch in it, but one of his drones is apparently stuck in a tree.

As anyone with a working internet connection and thousands of followers would be likely to do, he turned to Twitter for help.

His first thought (obviously) was to knock it out of the tree with another drone, but as it turns out that one is not working.

So he was left with what the internet wanted to suggested, which were about as great as you'd expect.

And my personal favorite:

But alas, the tree is in a public park so acts of vandalism or summoning the power of wind are slightly frowned upon.

This important and breaking story is currently developing. Tune into Let's Go Tribe news at 11 for further updates.

* * *

Update: Trevor recovered his drone and it is home safe.

He didn't even need a flamethrower or chainsaw to do it (sadly). For a detailed explanation of how the drone was recovered, check out this video posted by Trevor yesterday.

To be honest, I'm kind of surprised that "throw a baseball at it" was not the first idea.