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Cleveland Indians "sacrifice" chicken, ask Jobu to forgive Yan Gomes

Gomes also tested out his swing by obliterating a piñata

Earlier today Jason Kipnis posted a series of videos on instagram from the Indians locker room. The players held a service asking Jobu to forgive Yan Gomes for any wrongdoing, imploring that the pagan god of Indians baseball give Gomes his mojo back.

Part 2: The Blessing

A video posted by Jason Kipnis (@jasonkipnis22) on

Part 3: The Sacrifice

A video posted by Jason Kipnis (@jasonkipnis22) on

I think it would be best if the league allows Gomes to wear those flowing robes for tonight's game against the Twins. We've written pretty extensively about his struggles this year, and have even suggested that it might be time for him to hand the mask to Roberto Perez. Whether or not Gomes is able to bounce back and regain his silver slugger form, I don't think I've ever seen a clubhouse this supportive of a fellow player. I've also never seen a team have this much fun. All analysis aside, I desperately want Gomes to come out and hit a home run cycle tonight.

Here's the text of the prayer that Napoli reads in the 2nd video:

Immediately after the sacrifice, Gomes grabbed a bat and attacked a Piñata. Video has not yet surfaced of his first cut after the exorcism, but sources indicate that Gomes obliterated it:

Even if you're not an Indians fan, how can you not root for these guys?