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Voting to rename the Lynchburg Hillcats is now open

Baseball McBaseballface is nowhere to be found.

The Lynchburg Hillcats want to choose a new name, and they want the help of their fans to do it. They first opened it up for anyone to submit a name in late May, and now they have narrowed it down to six finalists. And they are... well. They are something.

Lynchburg's stated goal of the new name was to capture the spirit of Lynchburg and the surrounding area. Here is what fans came up with:

  • Lynchburg Lamb Chops
  • Lynchburg Doves
  • Lynchburg Hillcats
  • Lynchburg Derechos
  • Lynchburg River Runners
  • Lynchburg Love Apples

First off, they left "Hillcats" as an option and, seeing as people generally hate change, it would not be a shock to see it win and their name go unchanged after all this. They also include "Derechos", which sounds like local talk for giant storm of death.

Good luck seeing "Lamp Chops" and not thinking of the PBS show that aired in the mid-90s and that God-forsaken Song That Doesn't End. If it wins, I hope they play the song, in its entirety, every time they score.

"Love Apples" is supposedly a nod to a local legend that Thomas Jefferson was the first person to bite into a tomato to prove they were not poisonous. I am not quite sure why that would mean it would make a good team name, but sure. Why not.

To vote, head here, select which semi-awful name you want them to have, and provide some personal information to cast your ballot.