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Indians news and notes: Jose Ramirez, Juan Uribe and former Indians! Oh my!

El pavo! El pavo!

"You're not Juan, but I'll give you a high five anyways."
"You're not Juan, but I'll give you a high five anyways."
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Indians and Mariners played a nine-inning baseball game last night. Nothing good happened. I'll spare you any details of the game action and just let you know that Yan Gomes and Jose Ramirez got injured. Yan's allowed the Indians' official twitter account to use the word "testicular"—so yeah, not good.

Right after I typed "Nothing good happened," Lonnie Chisenhall homered, so let's try again: Nothing good happened.

Nope. Didn't work that time. If you want the gory details, here's your LGT recap and recap.

Indians News

• Cody Anderson was promoted from AAA to start last night's game and Austin Adams was demoted to Columbus. Adams has finally started to strike people out this season, a trend that hopefully continues.

• Jose Ramirez and Juan Uribe have a father and son bond, but not in that order. An absolute must-read. But Do. Not. Read. The. Comments.

• Buster Olney chats with Chris Antonetti (mp3)

• Jordan Bastian compares and contrasts Mike Napoli to the short time we became familiar with Mark Reynolds. Napster isn't blind—that we know of, at least.

Yordano Ventura is still a child

Around baseball (LGFT edition)

• The White Sox DFA'd Jerry Sands. Not only was his OPS under 600, but he also wasn't quite the leader that Drake LaRoche was.

• The Angels purchased David Huff's contract from AAA. In addition, they placed Joe Smith on the DL.