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Indians news and notes: Dominant Bauer extends Tribe's lead in AL Central

Morning news & notes for Tuesday, June 7, 2016.

First place never felt so good.
First place never felt so good.
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Yesterday, as I watched the Indians tack on another win, I told my girlfriend that, if the Indians somehow make it to the World Series, I am buying a plane ticket to Cleveland to watch.  I hope to see you all there.  Also, I'm not sure why everyone seems to despise west coast games so much; I happen to think that these evening games are wonderful.  I get off of work, enjoy a nice dinner, and watch the Tribe before heading off to bed at around 10pm.  Sounds like the life to me.  And it's even better when the Indians win as they did last night (and the night before that and the night before that and so on and so forth).

Indians 3, Mariners 1

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The Tribe kicked off their current road trip with a victory over the spiraling Seattle Mariners, earning their sixth victory in a row and extending their lead in the AL Central to 2.5 games.  Trevor Bauer, who looks to be on the verge of breaking out in a big way, went 7.2 innings while only allowing 1 run on 5 base hits and 1 walk (!) in addition to striking out 10 (!!!).  One game does not an ace make, but Bauer sure pitched like one on Monday night.  Rajai Davis also got a nice golf swing in during the fifth inning and picked up his sixth home run on the season.  Can they make it seven in a row tonight?!

Indians news

  • Indians aim to continue recent trend in Draft | MLB
    In terms of having homegrown players on the MLB roster, the Indians have done extremely well, which is a testament to their strong scouting and drafting team.  This Thursday, the Tribe will look to continue their success by following a best-player-available approach.  Here's to an exciting draft!
  • Danny Salazar scratched from Wednesday start due to shoulder fatigue | Let's Go Tribe
    In case you missed it, Tribe Ace 3.0 will skip his next scheduled start (Wednesday) and start instead on Sunday against the Angels.  It has been reported that Salazar has been suffering from shoulder fatigue, which is to be expected when your shoulder is as good at its job as Salazar's is.  The Dzar's condition doesn't appear to be too serious, as he will be starting just four days later than previously scheduled.
  • Is the Cleveland Indians' offense better than advertised? Inside the numbers |
    The longstanding narrative that the Indians can't hit is not only wrong, but it is laughably wrong.  There are currently seven active players on the Cleveland roster that have a wRC+ of over 100, and the team as a whole is ranked third in the AL in runs per game.  And keep in mind: this is all without Michael Brantley.
  • Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor wants a World Series, not All-Star votes |
    Our own Jason Lukehart has already written about this topic, but it doesn't hurt to remind everyone that Francisco Lindor is not anywhere close to being on the All-Star team (Have you voted yet?  No?  Shame on you!); thankfully, Lindor has his sights set on something much more meaningful than some silly popularity contest.
  • Around the League