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Indians news and notes: Bauer & Co. powers Tribe past Braves

Morning news & notes for Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"Warm out today.  Warm yesterday.  Even warmer today."
"Warm out today. Warm yesterday. Even warmer today."
Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Last week at this time, I was writing about how the Cleveland Indians' victory over the Tampa Bay Rays had extended their winning streak to four games.  And now, seven days later, that same streak is still alive at the ten game mark.  Could the Tribe best the franchise record of 13 straight victories?  With the rotation as solid as it is and an offense that continually comes alive night after night, anything is possible.  Onto the news!

Indians 8, Braves 3

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A dominant starting pitching performance backed by an explosive offensive is becoming the norm for the Tribe as the Indians rolled over the Atlanta Braves and notched their tenth win in a row.  The last time the team won ten straight games was at the very end of the 2013 campaign; those ten wins propelled the Indians into the playoffs (screw you, Tampa Bay).  Last night's performance was led by Trevor Bauer, who continues to thrive since returning to the rotation, as well as Lonnie Chisenhall and Jason Kipnis, who both had home runs.

Indians news

  • Bauer continues evolution in Indians rotation | MLB
    When Bauer came over from Arizona a few years ago, I told my buddy (who knows a bit more than I do in terms of prospects) that Bauer was coming to Cleveland, and he was stunned.  After hearing about how highly touted Bauer was as a prospect, I got excited at the thought of him becoming a mainstay in the rotation and terrorizing opposing lineups.  His path to the rotation hasn't been an easy one, but it seems like everything is finally clicking for Bauer, and he's joined one of the elite rotations in baseball.
  • Francona recalls Cox's wisdom at Turner Field | MLB
    It's incredible what a difference pitching can make.  Tito remembers his early managing days and how Atlanta would give him and the Phillies the business back in the 90s.  Now, armed with an incredible arsenal of pitching and offense, Tito looks to continue to find success with Cleveland.
  • Cleveland Indians as contenders, do you believe it? |
    If you have friends or family members who still don't buy into the Tribe, educate them.  Encourage them.  Give them some tough love if you have to.  Whatever the solution is, let them know that this team is real and that the 2016 season is shaping up to be something special.
  • Around the League

    • Kris Bryant had a historic night for the Chicago Cubs that helped fans forget a bad night from Jake Arrieta.
    • Channeling his inner Cher, Alex Rodriguez promises that "you haven't heard the last of me" as he throws his head back and laughs maniacally in his secret volcano lair (visual is an approximation).
    • The baseball game in Denver was halted because of dirt.
    • The tiny man in Boston is upset that the Red Sox rotation is not very good.
    • And finally, Adam Wainwright attempted his best Randy Johnson impression; luckily, for the bird's sake, he just missed.

    Everyone likes a good graph, right?  Here's one from /r/baseball (courtesy of /u/n4rcotix) that should please you: