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Fan runs onto Progressive Field, scales outfield wall, almost escapes

If this is the worst thing to happen on such a crazy day in Cleveland, I think we should count ourselves lucky.

It has been a day of celebration in Cleveland, which probably means a lot of day drinking. And a lot of afternoon drinking, and a lot of night drinking.

In the top of the eighth inning between the Cleveland Indians and Tampa Bay Rays, all that alcohol and excitement came to a head as one fan made his way onto the field. The broadcast itself did not show the young fan, as they are directed not to, but this is 2016. Everyone has a camera.

Here are all the angles I can find so far:

Even Matt Underwood and Rick Manning who, again, are instructed to downplay someone running onto the field got a little caught up in the moment and were laughing at the guy as he scaled the outfield wall. He also received chants of "MVP" after he was caught at the gates.

Also, it should go without saying, but don't do this.