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Indians news & notes: Michael Brantley re-examined, diagnosed with biceps tendinitis

Good news, apparently!

No touching.
No touching.
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

"Indians outfielder Michael Brantley has been diagnosed with right biceps tendinitis and has been given a cortisone shot" but manager Terry Francona is not worried. "Francona believes the fact the shoulder is structurally sound is encouraging."

"I'm sure Brantley is thrilled," he said. "And if this is what it is they can knock that out and he will get back on the path of coming back So of all things it could have been this is great news."

Along with this seemingly positive Brantley news, the Indians also won last night. And the Royals lost! You can read the LGT recap here, but here's a spoiler: Corey Kluber was awesome again and Juan Uribe homered again. It was Uribe's 4th straight game with a dinger, something he had never even done in 3 straight prior to this season.

Now— if you really want to get fired up, Castrovince talks about the possibility of another Cleveland parade in a few months.

Brief Indians Notes

• Brady AIken pitched well on Monday, striking out the side in his second inning.

Francisco Lindor is the 16th SS in MLB history to hit 20+ HRs in his first two seasons

Around Baseball

• The Chicago White Sox put LGFT Zach Putnam on the DL. I was so excited for his career as a Micah-Owings-type after reading about him in the once-published #LGTAnnual. He has never batted in a MLB game, however.

Kenta Maeda allows a ton of soft contact, but not as much as Scott Kazmir. Every team that has signed Kazmir since 2013 has more than gotten their money's worth.

Yasiel Puig was activated from the disabled list.

• Jake Arrietta has something in common with Vince Wilfork. But can he do this?

Bartolo Colon bruised his right thumb

• Watch Eugenio Suarez field like an idiot