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Indians news and notes: Winning streak still alive!

Morning news & notes for Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What's better than one championship?  TWO championships!
What's better than one championship? TWO championships!
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Sunday night was not a joyous night in my apartment.  My girlfriend, being the long-time Golden State Warrior fan, was fairly displeased with the results of the NBA finals.  But, after an hour or so, I said "Think of it this way: millions of people in Cleveland are no longer suffering".  She thought for a moment and said that that was true and that they definitely deserved the championship.  So there you go, LGTers, you can officially say a Warriors fan is okay with Cleveland winning.  Now, as the hype of an NBA championship begins to die down (who am I kidding, this is never going to end), we turn our attention to the other Cleveland team who is doing their best to make a deep run in the postseason: the Cleveland Browns!  Right?  Guys?...where are you going?  Come back!

Indians 7, Rays 3

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In case you've been swept up in the NBA recently (and, honestly, I can't blame you), this is a friendly reminder that, with Monday night's win against the Tampa Bay Rays, the Cleveland Indians have now won 4 straight as well as 13 of their last 19.  Because the Royals took an off day, the Tribe now has a solid one game lead over KC in the AL Central.  Last night's win also puts the Indians at 9 games over the .500 mark, the best they've been all season.  Lindor continued to be amazing, Gomes picked up a couple of hits, and Juan Uribe continued his vendetta against all baseballs with a moonshot to dead center field in the eighth inning.

Indians news

  • All in: Surging Tribe eyes next Cleveland title | MLB
    I mentioned in the comments of one of the Sunday's recap that, since I've never been big into basketball, I was honestly a little bummed out when the Cavs won because I wanted the Indians to break the drought for Cleveland.  That being said, I suppose two championships in one year wouldn't be too bad.  And the Tribe is gaining some momentum and is starting to look like a serious contender.
  • Perfect tribute: Indians put LeBron James and the Larry O'Brien Trophy on Kiss Cam | MLB
    Finally, something cuter than the elderly couple on the first base line who is seemingly at every game in every stadium on every kiss cam.
  • How Cleveland sports have changed in 37 days since 'Believeland' aired |

    Around the League

    • Clayton Kershaw was amazing against another baseball team, and water remains wet.
    • Apparently, David Ortiz regrets announcing his retirement prior to the beginning of the season, claiming that all of the attention is, what?
    • Angel Pagan was not happy when his glove, much like the One Ring, exerted its own will on the situation at hand and made problems for everyone.
    • And finally, the Tribe decided to pay honor to former bullpen coach/current Rays manager Kevin Cash during Monday night's game: