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Celebrate Jose Ramirez's helmet-kicking wizardy with this t-shirt

Wear Jose Ramirez on your body. Forever.

Jose Ramirez: super utility player, potential All-Star, helmet-kicking magician. If you saw Jose Ramirez perform straight up magic with his feet in early May and were wondering how you could constantly wear that moment as a reminder in t-shirt form, I have just the thing for you.

Let's Go Tribe is partnering with a site called BreakingT to celebrate the biggest moments of the Cleveland Indians as they happen. Granted, Jose Ramirez kicking his helmet was over a month ago already, but when BreakingT approached me for an idea for a shirt, I knew I wanted one of the Angry Hamster himself.

Click here to buy the 'Jose Ramirez Unbelievable' t-shirt

Even among all the great things happening for the Indians this season, Ramirez's hustle, determination, and ability to lose his helmet every time he runs the bases has been one of the most-fun things to watch for me, personally. If you already forgot about the time Ramirez nearly made Rick Manning lose his damn mind in the booth, including Matt Underwood's "Unbelievable!" call, Matt Schlichting did a great breakdown of it the day after it happened.

In the future, I am hoping to get a shirt made of the Let's Go Tribe logo, as well as any exciting moments that happen throughout the 2016 season and beyond.