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Marlins Man leaves Indians game early following abuse from fans at Progressive Field

Way to go, everybody.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Laurence Leavy (aka 'Marlins Man'), who was in town to watch the Cavaliers' Game 6 win in the NBA Finals, decided to take in a Cleveland Indians game tonight, presumably before hopping on a flight to catch Game 7 of the Finals in The Bay Area. It is something he has done for years now, at various big-name sporting events -- always wearing his bright-orange Miami Marlins gear and always without an incident.

While tonight's game apparently started well for well-known sports superfan, other fans around Progressive Field apparently did not make it such a good first experience for him. He immediately took to Twitter to describe abuse that he suffered from fans in the stadium, and lamented the lack of police security anywhere in the stadium.

While he does not go into detail about what abuse or insults were hurled at him, he does note that this was the first time he has ever had to leave a venue for such a thing, even after gaining massive popularity following the 2012 NBA Finals.