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Indians news and notes: Terry Francona wants to keep losing games, will stick with Bryan Shaw

Your move, front office.

"Get out of here, Corey. I've got an ace warming in the 'pen."
"Get out of here, Corey. I've got an ace warming in the 'pen."
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a long time since I got to write one of these after a win. Today was going to be the day. The Indians were going to beat the #WorldChampionRoyals. Then, something unfortunate happened. Something that keeps happening. Terry Francona picked up the bullpen phone and said a four-letter word. The worst four-letter word. The four-letter word gave up Kansas City runs two and three—and the Indians were losers again.

Those of you with beautiful innocence are now thinking "Oh, that will at least be the last time. Tito will finally stop going to S-h-a-w in high-leverage 8th innings now." You would be wrong, of course:

"He's been a good pitcher for us and his stuff's good. We can't run away from guys when they have a tough week," said Francona. More like a tough season, sir.

Other Indians Things

Ken Rosenthal suggests that the Indians should look to acquire Jonathan Lucroy—possibly giving up Yan Gomes in the deal. He then says that the Indians probably won't give up on Gomes, which seems wise. Rosenthal also mentions the Todd Frazier non-acquisition, but unfairly doesn't mention that the Reds also wanted Danny Salazar or Cody Allen.

• You will soon be able to purchase t-shirts that say PARTY AT NAPOLI'S. Until I see otherwise, I assume the back says "Duz 250 strikeouts hit 30 homerz?"

Lindorversary Things

• Maybe this will lift your spirits: Another story of Francisco Lindor serving as a role model to young kids who want to play baseball.

• Keeping alive an old semi-meme: LINDOR WAS BORED IN AAA

• Over the past calendar year, Francisco Lindor has been one of baseball's best players.

Around baseball

• The Nats placed Jon Papelbon on the DL. I know we all feel so sorry for him.

• Ryan Braun will probably not be traded to San Francisco. I guess we'll have to take him instead. @Darn.@
(Would be worth acquiring just to distract Tom Hamilton from Carlos Santana)

• Cubs pitchers are insanely lucky(?) this season, allowing just a .250 BABiP. That is 29 points luckier than the 3rd "luckiest" team, the Blue Jays. The Indians are 5th at .282. That .250 mark is the kind of thing that makes you wonder if Theo Epstein also found a way to acquire Missouri Magic.

• The Dodgers signed Will Venable, who was with the Indians in spring training.