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Francisco Lindor made his Cleveland Indians debut one year ago today

If this is not a holiday in Cleveland now, it should be soon.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Last year at this time, the Cleveland Indians had a record of 29-32, struggled to even reach .500 and had one of the worst infield defenses in the American League. However, June 14, 2015 was going to be different, there was something special coming. There was Francisco Lindor.

All season long, fans were clamouring for the Tribe to call up their undisputed top prospect, a prospect who was ranked in the top 10 of most MLB-wide prospect lists (including No. 9 on Baseball America's). No one was aware of this intense desire to see Lindor in the majors more than the Columbus Clippers Twitter account, who would hear it every time Lindor would do anything for them in Triple-A. They got back us with some good-natured trolling.

The Indians technically called him on June 13, and he was seen roaming around the clubhouse, although no official announcement was made until a day later. Lindor spoke about that hectic day in an interview I did with him in the offseason.

"I was a little anxious, you know," Lindor admitted, as anyone about to make their debut in the major leagues surely is, "I was with family at the time. I had the opportunity and the blessing to calm my family down and share the news with them. So it was pretty cool, a pretty cool experience. I was a little anxious that night waiting for that flight for me to go the airport to get on that plane and fly to Detroit."

When he was first called up, it was nothing more than a text from Terry Francona after a rained-out game in Columbus that read "Hurry up and get up here."

"So, I ran out to the dugout to look for my family," he explained, "and tell them 'hey I think I got called up.' The manager was in the dugout and he saw me smiling, and looking for the family. He asked me what I was doing. I said I was looking for the family and he was like 'well, why are you so happy?' I said, "well my mom is gonna cook, [the game’s] rained out, I’m spending time with the family." And he knew at that point that I kinda had an idea, and he asked me about it: 'You know, don’t you?' And I was like 'yes, I know.'"

Lindor's actual debut came with a pinch-hit opportunity late in a blowout loss to the Detroit Tigers. Right away his energy, excitement for the game, and hustle were all apparent as he stumbled around first base and immediately got up and jokingly tried to blame it on Detroit first baseman, Miguel Cabrera.

This, of course, was just the first hit of many for Lindor over the past year. We will be going over many of those moments over the course of today as we celebrate the first unofficial Lindor Debut Day.