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Juan Uribe took a 106-mph shot to the groin

Get well soon, Uribe.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Indians won big on Sunday afternoon, but third baseman Juan Uribe may wish to forget the 8-3 victory over the Los Angeles Angels.

In the bottom of the fourth, Mike Trout came up to bat and hit a one-hop shot straight to third base that Uribe appeared to lose track of -- at the very least he could not get his glove over it in time. The initial cut makes it difficult to tell exactly what happened, but the slow motion replay makes it perfectly clear why Uribe was unable to make a throw to first base.

A close examination reveals that Uribe may not have been wearing a cup, a practice his teammate, Yan Gomes, should have warned him about after his own close encounter with the holy light last week. To add insult to injury, Statcast data reveals that the ball was hit a blistering 106 miles per hour off the bat of professional baseball killer Mike Trout.

The MLB replay generously calls it a "lower-body injury," but an ESPN report later referred to it as testicular torsion, which is just as painful as it sounds.

At this time, we still do not know if Uribe will require a trip on the disabled list while he recovers, but we wish him the best.