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Potential Cleveland Indians trade target: Guess the mystery batsman

You're not getting many hints in this article, as much as I know you're really anxious to get one.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I am supposed to write an intro, but my larger priority is to not give much of anything away. So, you're left with only a few tiny clues, a bunch of numbers and a paragraph semi-about Mike Trout. Mike Trout is amazing.

The Indians offense is averaging 4.69 runs per game. That is 0.69 more than they're allowing, but who wouldn't love to increase that gap even further? No one player is going to add a full run to that gap -- even Mike Trout is only a half run per game (exactly, per BR!) above replacement. This player may only add 0.11 runs per game to that gap, but that's better than nothing! Much better than nothing!

So here we are... 22 percent of Mike Trout but 100 percent of the roster space:


Nah, sorry. Not even one letter.


NL (team below .500)






vs RHP: .289/.360/.467

vs LHP: .239/.321/.543

BABIP: .328

Is that a fluke?

2015 vs RHP: N/A

2015 vs LHP: .325/.415/.589

2014-15 BABIP: .298