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MLB Draft 2016: Cleveland Indians select C Logan Ice with No. 72 pick

A switch-hitting catcher, sure why not.

Coming into tonight's MLB Draft, the Cleveland Indians had one obvious flaw in their farm system -- catcher. They addressed it with their third pick of the night in the Lottery B round with a switch-hitting all-around catcher by the name of Logan Ice from Oregan State.

Ice played in at least 50 games in each of his three seasons with Oregan State, and in his final season, he walked 37 times compared to just 25 strikeouts. Ice also set career-highs in doubles (13), triples (5), home runs (7), and hits (54) in 2016, which is one big reason his stock seemingly came out of nowhere over the past few months.

He does not have one particular tool that sticks out, but he is known as a good fielding catcher.'s Jeff Ellis notes that his ceiling may not be terribly high, but there is a very good chance he could become a major leaguer at some point.

This may have been the Indians being safe with a pick, instead of going purely for the best player available. Their farm system has a serious void of catchers with Francisco Mejia being the only legitimate catching prospect in the organization. Ice immediately fills that hole and could eventually make an impact on the Indians.

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The lottery rounds were implemented prior to 2011 and essentially give teams with a small market -- or those that receive competitive balance funds -- the chance at an extra draft pick. The Indians lost out on the chance to choose in the first pool of these teams, who choose at the end of the first round, but they were one of six teams able to do so after the second round in what is known as the "Lottery B" round.