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Reactions to Marlon Byrd's 162-game suspension

Marlon Byrd did something stupid. The internet was not a fan.

Marlon Byrd cheated. He sort of admitted it in a recent statement, and the internet knows he did it. They were not happy. Most unhappy of all appears to be Justin Verlander, who has come out in the past advocating for harsher punishments for PED users. He was far from the only interesting reaction, however.

Justin Verlander is NOT pleased
Weirdly enough, there was actually a bird flying around the Indians press box prior to the announcement

There are a lot of quotes being thrown back in Marlon's Face

Where do I sign the petition to make this happen?

He even caught the attention of bots once his name started trending

Just once, you guys


He was right on the cusp, too

About that whole "taking it by mistake" thing...

Probably shouldn't have taken banned substances, then