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Cleveland Indians are finally "flushing" the awful cream jerseys

Sorry if the title was too ambiguous of my stance on the cream jerseys -- I rather dislike them.

David Maxwell/Getty Images

Maybe it is a personal vendetta because the few times I have been able to make it to a Cleveland Indians game in recent years they have worn them, or maybe it is because I do not enjoy the light hint of a pee stain in baseball jerseys, but for whatever reason I cannot stand the Tribe's cream uniforms. Apparently there is a Baseball God or someone up there responding to my live human sacrifices because it appears the Indians are finally retiring the worst uniforms in baseball.

The delightful news first came through Twitter via Paul Hoynes, who said  the Indians will "flush" the cream jerseys after this season but keep the red hats. First of all, that wording of "flush" makes me think Paul too thinks they look like someone's urine who is hydrated juuuust enough, according to this chart. Many people feel that the jerseys would be better served with a blue hat, which apparently the Indians do not agree with, as the bright-red hat is the only part of the uniform they are keeping around. Whether or not this means a new alternate jersey that would pair better with a red hat is coming, Hoynes did not say.

The cream alternate jerseys were first announced prior to the 2008 season as a way to honor the history of the Indians. This was also the same year the Tribe refined their other uniforms by removing the "retail glitter," as Indians director of merchandising Kurt Schloss put it in 2007. I'm all for honoring Indians history, but I would rather it be done through that awesome 'Crooked C' logo than the cream abominations.

Since their debut, the cream jerseys were worn during every weekend or holiday game, but the Indians have relented on that this year. I have never been a fan of wearing specific jerseys on the days where your team has the biggest stage just to boost sales anyway, but it does not help that these jerseys were so horrific.

But, at least... it's done. 

RIP Cream Jerseys 2008-2016. Gone and hopefully soon forgotten.