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Michael Brantley flashes arm strength, nails runner at second

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This might be the most impressive baseball thing a Doctor has done since Frank Jobe invented Tommy John surgery.

Michael Brantley has only been back for a couple weeks, but he is already proving why the Cleveland Indians missed him so much in April. His offense began to get back on track in the last series against the Detroit Tigers, and now he is showing how well he can play in left field.

Kansas City Royals outfielder Lorenzo Cain hit a ball off the left field wall and -- not realizing there was a human cannon roaming Progressive Field -- thought he could tail it to second. Okay, so maybe, in reality, it was a really hard-hit ball off the wall and Cain had no business trying to turn it into a double anyway, but let me have this fantasy.

Either way, Brantley made a great throw and Jason Kipnis made a smart tag. This was Brantley's first outfield assist this season -- hopefully the first of many.