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Sunday News and Notes: Cody Anderson struggles, and Bartolo Colon goes deep

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Happy Mother's Day!

I think Cody Anderson will make his next start as a Columbus Clipper.
I think Cody Anderson will make his next start as a Columbus Clipper.
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Yesterday's Game: Royals 7, Indians 0

Cody Anderson gives it up early as Cleveland Indians fall to Kansas City, 7-0 |

Kendrys Morales' early homer fuels Royals' win |

Win streak comes to an end as Cleveland Indians lose to Royals - Let's Go Tribe

After the euphoria of the last four wins, this game brought everything back to earth. There was no difference in Anderson in this start from the Anderson before he was sent down, and the big hits that were commonplace during the winning streak were nowhere to be found.

Tribe News

Cleveland Indians' Cody Anderson keeps getting hurt by the home run |

With the Indians have an off day on Thursday, they can send down Anderson without needing a 5th starter until May 17th. I fully expect them to take advantage of this, though I'm not entirely who they'd bring up. Collin Cowgill could serve as a backup center fielder (I'm not sold on Lonnie Chisenhall, platoon center fielder), but both he and Rajai Davis are right handed. Do they really need a 9th reliever on the roster?

Anyway, I think Anderson needs an extended period of time in AAA to get his mechanics straightened out. The velocity is there, but the location isn't. He's leaving pitches up in the strike zone, and that's most hitters' nitro zone, including Kendrys Morales'.

"When you create a bad habit, it's tough to break it," said Anderson. "But I'm an athlete and we've got to make that adjustment quick. There are no excuses. I feel like I've made the adjustment and now it's time to go out and win ballgames."

It is very difficult and time consuming to fix something that you've committed to muscle memory, which I why I think the Indians will be sending Anderson back to AAA; he needs to do that repetitive corrective practice in a less stressful environment.

Indians' Tyler Naquin proud of recovering mom |

The story of Roanna Naquin, who has been fighting breast cancer for the last five years.

2016 Arizona Rookie League (AZL) Preview - Minor League Ball

Sickels previews players set to debut in the Arizona League, with the Indians' Brady Aiken at the top of the list.

MLB News

Bartolo Colon hits first home run of career |

No, I'm not kidding, Bartolo actually hit a home run yesterday. The commentary was just perfect.

Sunday Gravy: Pedaling some ideas for MLB realignment

With expansion seeming more and more likely, MLB will need to realign its divisions as well. This proposal, assuming the two new teams will be in Montreal and Mexico City, has Tampa Bay moving to the National League and both expansion teams in the American League.

Scoggins: Pohlad calls Twins play 'total system failure' but supports Ryan and Molitor -

The Twins are now 12.5 games behind the White Sox, and could be 13.5 if they lose to the Sox today.