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News and Notes: Cleveland Indians move into first place

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For the first time in three years, the Indians are alone in first place.

Time to celebrate! The Indians are in first place.
Time to celebrate! The Indians are in first place.
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Yesterday's Game: Indians 11, Orioles 4

Cleveland Indians bats back another solid start by Danny Salazar in victory over Orioles - Let's Go Tribe

Cleveland Indians move into first place in AL Central with 11-4 win over Baltimore Orioles |

Indians top Orioles with singles, stolen bases |

The Indians had just one extra-base hit on the day, yet scored 11 runs, while the Orioles were kept at four runs despite hitting 7 extra-base hits. Sequencing, anyone? The Indians took particular advantage of LGFT Ubaldo Jimenez, scoring six of their eleven runs in the first two innings off him. The Tribe stole four bases off Ubaldo (including a double steal), and took advantage of Pedro Alvarez's iron glove (three of the six runs off Jimenez were unearned).


Will anyone come see first-place Cleveland Indians in 2016? Rant of the week |

With school almost over for the year, and summer weather here, we should start seeing more crowds like yesterday's. I know it's equivalent to saying "don't think of a pink elephant," but I'd recommend staying clear of the comments section.

Michael Brantley needs time to heal; Cleveland Indians will give it to him |

The second time's the charm? Also, Terry Francona gives more fuller explanation for hitting Carlos Santana in the leadoff spot that's worth reading.

Cleveland Indians have Terry Talkin' about why Tribe is a real contender -- Terry Pluto (photos) |

As Pluto mentions as one of the big reasons why the Indians are off to good start, the Indians have become a much better defensive team in the last couple years.

MLB News

Royals rally for 7-run 9th to beat White Sox |

The reason the Indians are in first place today is that the Royals scored seven runs in the ninth inning to shock the White Sox yesterday. And the crazy thing about that ninth inning is that White Sox closer David Robertson started the frame on the mound.

Padres discussing potential James Shields trade with White Sox |

It seems like this is more than your typical speculation. Shields' deal with San Diego is through at least 2018, but he can opt out after this season, which as the article points out, makes determining adequate value much more complicated.

Sunday Notes: Rockies’ Bettis, Padres, Adonis, IBBs, more | FanGraphs Baseball

Apparently Danny Salazar throws either a splitter or a changeup, depending on which pitcher you ask. Also! Ty Van Burkleo remembered the time he got his potential first home run robbed by Shane Mack - but he didn't see it.

Mets get veteran James Loney to fill first base void | New York Post

If this was five years, it would have been a bigger deal, but the Mets just need someone to fill in for the injured Lucas Duda for six weeks.