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Let's Talk Tribe Podcast Ep. 33: There is no BoomBoom!

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In this week's episode of Let's Talk Tribe, Jason and I discuss Cody Anderson's great start, Mike Clevinger's less-than-great start, Jose Ramirez's REAL NICKNAME, and Mark Brown from Camden Chat helps preview the weekend's Orioles series.

Original photo: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Hey Hoynsie, I respect the hell out of you as a Cleveland Indians beat writer, but Jose Ramirez's nickname is not BoomBoom. No. It's also not even J-Ram, it's The Angry Hamster until the day a meteor crashes into the earth and we all die a fiery, hellish death. And with my last breath, I will remind everyone that his nickname is indeed Angry Hamster.


Jason and I had a lot to talk about, and for the second week in a row, it was mostly good! Cody Anderson looked like peak Corey Kluber in his start on Monday, while Mike Clevinger looked like most fans think Kluber looks like when he has the audacity to give up two hits in an inning.

With the Indians taking three games in a row from a division rival, we also touch on the fact that Cleveland fans have a very real reason to be optimistic about their team now. We all said following the Cincinnati Reds series that the Indians will be able prove a lot against the Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox and they have proved a lot of good things so far.

Most importantly, Mark Brown from was nice enough of to join us to preview the upcoming series against the Baltimore Orioles. According to Brown, things are not exactly going great in Baltimore right now, and if Indians pitching can throw even the weakest breaking balls in the world, they should still be able to strike out double-digit Orioles batters.

Social media questions this week come from @ShrockTheWorld who wanted to know if the Indians could be going after trade targets at the deadline, and @Indians_mut27 who wanted to know what was wrong with Bryan Shaw. Some guy named USSChoo (@codyds) also wanted to know about Jose Ramirez's nickname and where it came from.

This week's episode clocks in at 65 minutes. Thanks for listening!

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