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Jason Kipnis and Francisco Lindor developing into one of MLB's greatest bromances

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Morning news & notes for Friday, May 27th, 2016

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The Tribe is only half a game back from first place, and we're ready to settle into a 10-game road trip. It's a battle of second-place teams looking to make a play for the division lead as Baltimore flies into town. Trevor Bauer kicks off the series for the Tribe against Baltimore's Mike Wright in game one of a three-game set. LGFT Ubaldo Jimenez gets a turn on Saturday, and that's always a treat! But in the meantime, here's a look at what's going on around the league.

Indians news & notes

Lindor spends day off helping kids learn the game | - As he has done before, Francisco Lindor once again dedicated one of his rare off-days to playing ball with local kids. This time, he surprised members of the Cleveland Baseball Federation at League Park. Man, how great would it be to be one of those kids?!

Kipnis and Lindor strive to be MLB's best middle-infield tandem | - From bickering with each other to making up and wrestling in the grass, Jason Kipnis and Francisco Lindor are developing into far more than one of MLB's best middle-infield duos: they're becoming one of MLB's best bromances. I know we all tend to discount "intangibles" when it comes to evaluating the Tribe's best players, but you've gotta love these guys.

Lindor figures out the breaking ball | It's Pronounced Lajaway - If there was one flaw in Lindor's rookie season, it was that he couldn't hit offspeed stuff. Contrary to everything you've ever thought about the "sophomore slump," it looks like that's no longer an issue this season.

Throwback Thursday: Indians 1980's Tops cards | - A delightful slideshow romp through so hilariously bad cards documenting perhaps the team's most hilariously bad decade.

News from around the league