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Indians news & notes: Mike Napoli slides Tribe into series lead

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Napoli's "slide" was the front page pic on at one point last night.

A dirty uni Eric Wedge would appreciate
A dirty uni Eric Wedge would appreciate
Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Josh "Little Cowboy" Tomlin continued his renaissance last night. JLCT pitched 8 awesome innings and gave up 2 runs. One of those was to the first batter of the game, who got the usual Tomlin Solo Homer out of the way early. In other news, Mike Napoli tripled and stole a base. In the same game. I'm guessing he had never done that in his career.

Chris Sale pitched for the White Sox and didn't get out of the 4th inning. He was handed his first loss of the season by an Indians lineup that couldn't hit Rick Porcello or Joe Kelly.


Notes and Links

• In Monday's doubleheader, the Indians hit 6 home runs. They had not done this in 43 years.

• Justin Chamberlain has had his current injury before. But I suggest professional baseball players stop running into things—and that includes hoping they "run into one."

The Padres activated Andrew Cashner from the DL. Unfortunately, to make room, they had to send down Kevin Quackenbush. It's always fun to see a jersey that says QUACKENBUSH standing on the mound. We'll have to watch more AAA games.

• A computer simulation warns that MLB pitch clocks could cause more pitcher injuries.

Amazing Chris Sale Facts From Elias Sports

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Scores Around Baseball That Interested Me

• Cubs 12, Cardinals 3— Michael Wacha gave up 8 runs in 4 innings to the nearly unstoppable Cubs.

• Nationals 7, Mets 4— Matt Harvey's struggles continued even after Cody Anderson's stopped. Harvey gave up 5 runs in 5 innings and lost this one to Steve Strasburg, who is now 8–0.

• Yankees 6, Blue Jays 0— Toronto has these OPSes in their lineup but never seems to score many runs: Bautista 870, Donaldson 852, Saunders 935, Paredes 1015, Smoak 815. I guess Shapiro brought that terrible sequencing with him. Nate Eovaldi continues to be awesome.

Meaningless Nothings

• "Javier Vazquez is apparently 30th all time in strikeouts."

• Did you know David Ortiz is retiring after this season?

• Super Bowl 55 will not be held at Progressive Field.