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Indians news and notes: Clevinger bad, Anderson good in double-header

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Morning news & notes for Tuesday, May 17, 2016.

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Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox - Game Two Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

I was unable to watch either of the Tribe games yesterday. During the first game, I was stuck at work; during the second, I was on my way up to Dodger Stadium to watch Clayton Kershaw miss a Maddux by three pitches (#scrub). Side note, if you've never been to Dodger Stadium, you should definitely make the trip; the stadium is beautiful:

My view at Dodger Stadium
Tyler Griffith

Today, the Cleveland Indians look to take on a pitcher just as good as Kershaw in Chris Sale. Let's hope that the Tribe fares better than the Reds did yesterday. Now, onto the news!

Game 1: Indians 6, White Sox 7

LGT Recap | Recap | Box Score

Clevinger made his second career start in game 1 of the double header, and it did not go as planned. He gave up 7 hits and 4 walks, which translated to 6 of Chicago's 7 runs. But regardless of the outcome, Clevinger had flashes of dominance that should excite Tribe fans for his (hopefully) promising future. The offense tried to come back late on the back of a Jose Ramirez 2-run home run, but the rally would ultimately fall short as the Indians lost game 1 of the double header.

Game 2: Indians 5, White Sox 1

LGT Recap | Recap | Box Score

Game 2 turned out much better as the Tribe hit 3 home runs (Ramirez, Davis, and Uribe) to earn a 5-1 victory over the White Sox. The surprise of the evening (aside from the Angry Hamster's sudden power surge) came in the form of a dominant Cody Anderson start. Anderson went seven innings and only gave up 1 run after striking out a career high 9 and walking none. I don't know how it would be possible, but if we can finagle it so Anderson only pitches against the White Sox, that would be fantastic.

Indians news

If Cleveland Indians are going to be contenders, they need Michael Brantley and more |

Surprisingly, missing one of your best players can be detrimental to your playoff hopes. Brantley returning to the lineup could create a domino effect that will propel the Indians to greatness...or so we hope.

Francisco Lindor combine 0-for-8 in double header Monday at White Sox: DMan's Lindor Log, Week 8 (ongoing) |

The week has just begun, but the Indians' star short stop is off to a rough start. But hey, at least he didn't strike out? Hopefully Lindor bounces back against Chris pressure.

Third pitch enables Cleveland Indians righty Cody Anderson to handle White Sox: DMan's Report, Game 43 |

Cody Anderson, as we all know, has struggled mightily during the 2016 campaign. But last night against the White Sox, he added a third pitch (a curve ball) to his repertoire, and that may have been the key to his success. Whatever worked last night, keep doing it Cody!

Around the League

  • Like I mentioned above, Clayton Kershaw pitched a beauty of a game and earned another CGSO, this time against the Reds, in only 102 pitches. It was incredible to see live, but I was really, really pulling for the Maddux (side note, the game only took 2 hours and 11 minutes to complete).
  • Pirates pitcher Ryan Vogelsong took a pitch to the head while batting in the second inning and had to be rushed to the hospital. The club is saying that he has a left eye injury, and no further updates were available at this time. Get well soon, Ryan.
  • Now THIS is Padresing!
  • Not only are the Angels paying the Rangers for Josh Hamilton to play for them, they're also paying him to not play for the Rangers.
  • It looks like MLB is trying to play to the hipster crowd and has officially announced that Stance is the official sock of MLB.
  • And finally, do you have a friend or significant other who is not well versed in the sport of baseball? If so, you may relate to this text conversation a user on /r/baseball had last night.