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Let's Talk Tribe Podcast Ep. 32: Joba the Great

In this week's episode of Let's Talk Tribe, Phil Kehres joins Jason and I to discuss the week's worth of games, Mike Clevinger's debut, the realness of the Lukehart curse, a review of The Arm, and a whole lot more.

Remember when the Cleveland Indians had lost 2-of-3 against the Minnesota Twins and it was time for the team to pack it up and end the season? Yeah, me neither, but that's a thing that a lot of people incorrectly thought. Maybe the beating on a team as bad as the Cincinnati Reds does not tell us much about our baseball team, but at least they are finally beating the teams they are "supposed" to beat.

Longtime Let's Go Tribe writer Phil Kehres joins us today to talk about that crazy Reds series, and so much more. We also discuss Mike Clevinger's ho-hum debut, as well as the fact that Jason still doesn't think Francisco Lindor will be voted as an All-Star starter. Which, by the way, still means he needs something ridiculous to do if it does happen (which it totally will). Leave any ideas you have in the comments.

Without a specific Boston Red Sox guest this week, it's up to us to preview the weekend series. To sum it up: It's terrifying. The Red Sox have far-and-away the best offense, and Trevor Bauer is set to start the middle game of the series. Hold onto your butts.

Our social media questions this week come from @vincentnovella and @EyeofhteTiger on Twitter. If the Indians still named players as team captain, who would you choose? And, finally, when is Joba the Great going to ascend to the seventh inning guy and crush the enemies beneath his boot?

This week's episode clocks in at 63 minutes. Thanks for listening!

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