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Former Cleveland Indians outfielder Ryan Raburn has been great for the Rockies so far

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After yesterday, I really do not want to think about the current Indians. Let's talk about some former players, instead.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Indians did not exactly lose any cornerstone players last offseason, but more players departed the organization than you may think. I cannot explain why, but it is weirdly enjoyable to watch former players go on and do new things; I  normally follow them for about a year, then move on with my life. But it's fun in that little window, at least.

So, with that in mind, let's see how some of the Tribe's players from last season are performing with their new teams this year.

Ryan Raburn

Why he's gone: The Indians did not want to tie up $3 million at the start of free agency with his option, they so allowed him to explore other teams. He signed with the Colorado Rockies towards the end of the offseason.

What he's doing: Hitting in the friendly confines of Coors Field, Ryan Raburn has been spectacular in 18 games for the Rockies. He is hitting out of his mind against left-handed pitchers (270 wRC+) and even great against righties (140 wRC+).  All told, on the season, he has a .371/.439/.800 slash with four home runs in 41 plate appearances.

Raburn has batted pretty much everywhere in the bottom half of the lineup, exclusively as a left fielder.

No matter what happens with Raburn, we'll always have this.

Tyler Holt

Why he's gone: Despite some brief periods of excitement, Tyler Holt was a disappointment in Cleveland. The Indians designated him for assignment on September 23, 2015 and he was claimed by the Cincinnati Reds, where he has played all season in 2016.

What he's doing: Tyler Holt has been slapping singles all over the place for the Reds, but not much else. His batting average (.333) is almost as high as his slugging percentage (.381) and he has walked just once, compared to six strikeouts. Six of his seven base hits have been singles, the lone extra-base hit being a double.

Holt has played a mix of right field and center field in his 18 games of the Reds.

Nick Hagadone

Why he's gone: Despite needing a left-handed reliever, the Indians did not feel comfortable tendering Nick Hagadone when the deadline came in February. He became a free agent, was briefly signed by the Brewers to a minor league deal, and is now a free agent again.

What he's doing: Um. Nothing. He's still a free agent and has not thrown a pitch in the majors in 2016. I wanted the Indians to tender him, and I am kind of surprised he has not landed somewhere by now.

Brandon Moss

Why he's gone: Chris Antonetti is some kind of super wizard and managed to transform Joey Wendle into Rob Kaminsky. Moss was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals at the trade deadline last season and signed a one-year, $8.25 million deal to remain with the team through 2016.

What he's doing: Brandom Moss looked good for the Cardinals last season, and he is doing the same this year. In 77 plate appearances in 2016, he is slashing .227/.325/.545 with six home runs.

Mike Aviles

Why he's gone: Terry Francona could not convince the higher-ups to pay him $100 million to be the team's everyday center fielder. Instead, Mike "Golden Calves" Aviles joined the Detroit Tigers this offseason.

What he's doing: Aviles has been about as bad as you would expect. In 23 plate appearances for the Tigers, he has just four hits to five strikeouts. He has played just about every position on the field besides center field because that would be crazy.

On a more serious, and ultimately more important, note, Aviles' daughter Adrianna is free of cancer.

Tony Wolters

Why he's gone: Because of a glut of catchers in the system, Tony Wolters was stuck in Double-A for two straight years on the Indians. When they needed room on the 40-man roster for free agent signings, Wolters was the odd man out and was designated for assignment. He was claimed by the Colorado Rockies and placed on their 25-man roster.

What he's doing: Wolters has played in 15 games for the Rockies so far, and he has registered six hits with seven walks and seven strikeouts.

Zach Walters / James Ramsey

Why they're gone: The roster was becoming crowded and both players have failed to live up to expectations. The Tribe found a suitor for both of them, receiving cash from the Los Angeles Dodgers in exchange for their services.

What they're doing: Both young players have been pretty abysmal for the Dodgers' Triple-A team. Ramsey is slashing just .170/.250/.404, Walters .170/.200/.319. Neither had much of a chance to make the Indians, and they have even less of a chance to make the Dodgers, especially playing like this.

I do like both players, and I wish them the best, but it is not looking good so far.