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Let's Go Tribe LIVE 5/18: Indians at Reds postgame chat

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Mike Clevinger debuted, Francisco Lindor put on a superhero cape, and more.

Matt Schlichting took to Facebook Live yesterday for nearly an hour to talk Indians postgame and answer reader questions. We also learned that Matt is never allowed to buy another baseball jersey. Ever.

Topics covered include Jose Ramirez's emergence as a third base candidate, Juan Uribe's future on the Indians, Lindor's greatness, the chances of Cody Anderson every being a great pitcher, and a whole lot more. Here is the full list of questions asked:

-- What did we learn from Mike Clevinger's performance?

-- Do you think Lindor is the next Vizquel?

-- Do you see Crockett staying with the Tribe after his recent struggles or is he destined for a trip to Columbus at some point in the future?

-- What's the chances we see Urshela with the Tribe this year?

-- Do you think Brantley will contribute much at all this year?

And of course a recap of last night's crazy game.

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If you ever want to join any of us for a Live chat, be sure to follow us on Facebook and enable notifications for Live videos. We will also usually throw out a reminder on Facebook and Twitter that we're going live so you won't miss anything. Come with questions, or just to hang out and watch.