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Game Thread: Josh Tomlin puts his stopping power to the test against the Twins

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Josh Tomlin has been unbeatable after Tribe losses in the last two seasons.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Cleveland Indians vs. Minnesota Twins

Friday, May 13, 2016, 7:10 p.m. ET. Progressive Field

TV: STO, MLB.TV Free Game

Radio: WTAM


If the Cleveland Indians are going to lose any games, they might as well do it right before a Josh Tomlin start. Following a Tribe loss, Little Cowboy is 12-0 since the beginning of the 2015 season. It's something that I am already getting tired of mentioning, but as long as the Indians keep losing before his starts, it is still worth noting.

Tomlin is coming off an outing against the Kansas City Royals in which he struck out three and walked none in six innings. In a past life, the strike zone murdered Josh Tomlin entire's family and he is out for revenge, always attacking it and rarely throwing anything that could be considered a ball by even the worst beer league umpires you can fathom. It has somehow worked over his whole career, despite not having particularly elusive stuff or a high velocity, and it has him sitting pretty in 2016 with a 3.72 ERA and a 3.89 FIP.

Opposite Tomlin will be Ricky Nolasco, who allowed four runs on five hits in 7.1 innings the last time he faced the Indians. He also struck out nine Tribe batters in that April 26 Twins victory, a season-high for the 33-year-old veteran.

Unfortunately, the Indians will also be wearing their gross cream jerseys tonight.

Today's Lineups

Joe Mauer - 1B Carlos Santana - DH
Eduardo Nunez - SS Jason Kipnis - 2B
Miguel Sano - RF Francisco Lindor - SS
Trevor Plouffe - 3B Mike Napoli - 1B
Byung-ho Park - DH Jose Ramirez - LF
Brian Dozier - 2B Marlon Byrd - RF
Oswaldo Arcia - LF Yan Gomes - C
Kurt Suzuki - C Juan Uribe - 3B
Danny Santana - CF Rajai Davis - CF
Ricky Nolasco - RHP Josh Tomlin - RHP