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Indians news and notes: Jose Ramirez's helmet did NOT "defy physics" in Monday's game

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Wednesday News and Notes

Only Shin-Soo Choo has a magic helmet.
Only Shin-Soo Choo has a magic helmet.
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday's baseball featured the good Trevor Bauer and the good Indians bullpen. Bauer, Bryan Shaw and Cody Allen combined on a shutout of the Astros, only allowing 4 hits in the process.

It's Trevor's first ever 3-game winning streak. This is a completely worthless fact that I learned from Tom Hamilton last night. More importantly, Bauer has not allowed more than 3 runs in any game he has pitched this season. Chris Gimenez caught Bauer for the second straight outing.

LGT recap | MLB recap

More About the Indians

Jose Ramirez's helmet has made it to Wired. Where, they write that (obviously) the flying headgear didn't defy physics. I'm pretty sure the only people who were saying it did were just being "Fake Internet Dramatic."

• This year's Cubs are reminding people of the 1995 Indians. Everyone with me: Inhale slowly aaand ssssiiiiigghhhhhh.

"I have a lot of respect for the Manny-Ortiz combo,'' Maddon said. "I saw that up close. [But] that whole Cleveland gig in the '90s was really strong, too. That whole group they signed, [Carlos] Baerga, [Sandy] Alomar [Jr.], [Omar] Vizquel, [Albert] Belle, [Jim] Thome … wow, that was pretty firm. You'd like to be able to eventually grow something like that yourself.''

Michael Brantley is unlikely to play until Friday:

Scores Around Baseball That Interested Me

Yankees 10, Royals 7 — The Royals got 3 homers from Lorenzo Cain and lost anyways. This link is not how Tom Hamilton reacted. Aroldis Chapman got his first AL save. The VAUNTED ROYALS BULLPEN did not fare as well.

Rangers 13, White Sox 11 — This one's interesting because there were 24 runs scored and the stupid White Sox lost.

• Not a score, but Yoenis Cespedes made this throw.

Around Baseball

• The Arizona Diamondbacks signed Michael Bourn to a minor league deal. He's having a hard time sticking with teams as of late, so next week you might read about how the Diamondbacks are releasing Michael Bourn.

• gets in on the Trade Trout jokes, except with attempt (I can't emphasise that word enough) at actual journalism: "5 teams that 'could' trade for Trout." Trout, obviously, isn't getting traded—but remember, we at LGT should have taken that A's fan up on his offer of their entire farm system for Grady Sizemore.

Everyone with me: Inhale slowly aaand ssssiiiiigghhhhhh.