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Trevor Bauer takes the mound looking to break out vs. Astros

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Can Trevor Bauer shut down a Houston offense that turned in an unlikely performance against Corey kluber?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Indians @ Houston Astros

Tuesday, May 10th, 8:10pm ET, Minute Maid Park


Radio: WTAM


Corey Kluber was just so, so bad yesterday. And what's with that Lindor guy? What a bum. Bah, well let's put that all behind us and look forward. Tonight, The Harbinger takes the mound: Trevor Bauer makes his third start of the season, and is looking for a better outing than his last two. The Astros are pretty bad this year, so you'd like to think a repeat of yesterday's matchup won't happen. Then again, if Corey Kluber surrendered five runs in not even three innings, one shudders to think what Bauer may be, uh, capable of. Here's to hoping.


Today's Lineups


Rajai Davis - CF

Jose Altuve - 2B

Jason Kipnis - 2B

George Springer - RF

Francisco Lindor - SS

Carlos Correa - SS

Mike Napoli - 1B

Colby Rasmus - LF

Carlos Santana - DH

Preston Tucker - DH

Jose Ramirez - LF

Tyler White - 1B

Juan Uribe - 3B

Carlos Gomez - CF

Lonnie Chisenhall - RF

Luis Valbuena - 3B

Chris Gimenez - C

Erik Kratz - C
Trevor Bauer - RHP
Chris Devenski - RHP