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Indians news and notes: Kluber malfunctions, Harper mouths off

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Morning news & notes for Tuesday, May 10, 2016.

"This is how humans express support in difficult times?  What an odd ritual."
"This is how humans express support in difficult times? What an odd ritual."
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In a rare occurrence, Corey Kluber struggled mightily in last night's loss to the Houston Astros.  Typically, when Kluber takes the mound, the Cleveland Indians have a fairly good chance at coming away with a victory; last night, by time Kluber left the game, victory was far out of reach as the Tribe struggled to muster any kind of offense.  All in all, one game out of 162 isn't the end of the world, but the way in which the game was lost was more deflating than the actual result.  Regardless, there's another game this evening and another chance for Indians to bounce back and get a win.  Now, onto the news!

Indians 1, Astros 7

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Kluber started the evening looking like his Cy Young self, needing only 24 pitches to get through the first two innings.  After striking out the side in the first and cruising through the second, Kluber must have had his programming hacked by the Astros because he looked like an entirely different, worse pitcher.  His pitches began finding the heart of the plate, and the Astros batted around en route to knocking Kluber out of the game in just 2.2 innings.  Paired with an anemic offense, the Cleveland Indians stood no chance and lost to the Houston Astros by a score of 7-1.

Indians news

  • Bauer had no-hit stuff last time in Houston | MLB
    The last time that Trevor Bauer pitched in Minute Maid Park, he struck out 11 Astros and took a no-hitter through six innings.  A repeat performance would go a long way towards solidifying Bauer's place in the rotation and his future as a potential ace.  He has the potential, he just needs to execute.  Here's to a Bauer Outage in Houston!
  • PR Pride: Lindor, Correa fans of each other | MLB
    Fans at Minute Maid Park for this series will be treated to seeing the best shortstops in baseball battling each other for the first time since their Rookie of the Year battle from 2015.  The two young phenoms, much to the delight of baseball fans everywhere, sat and discussed how amazing they both are over lunch (well, I assume that's what they talked about).
  • Cleveland Indians SS Francisco Lindor opens Week 6 with rough game at plate: DMan's Lindor Log |
    Speaking of Francisco Lindor, the rising superstar of the Cleveland Indians had a rough outing at the plate to start the sixth week of the 2016 campaign.  I suppose that Lindor can have a pass for one bad game; after all, he doesn't want to come off as too perfect, that would just be unfair.
  • Around The League

    • Bryce Harper was in the news a few times yesterday.  First, it seems that he has a new member of his "Make Baseball Fun Again" campaign.
    • Second, his recent philanthropy was noticed by a few folks from the Cubs organization; the story spread via social media.
    • Unfortunately, not all of the Bryce Harper news is positive; it seems he had a few choice words for umpire Brian Knight after a walk-off win against the Detroit Tigers.  I would anticipate that this is not the last we will hear of this.
    • In non-Bryce Harper news, RHP Stephen Strasburg and the Washington Nationals have agreed to a 7 year, $175 million dollar contract extension.  It was expected that Strasburg would test free agency after the current season, so this extension comes as a surprise to many.
    • The Marlins lost a home run in the most Marlins way possible.

    And finally, it seems like the Angry Hamster's helmet has become sentient: