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The Cleveland Indians may never play baseball in good weather again

That's what it feels like, at least.

Get used to seeing tarps over the next few weeks.
Get used to seeing tarps over the next few weeks.
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The weather for the Cleveland Indians first two games has sucked. The original Opening Day, April 4, was called due to the cold and impending snowstorms, the "real" Opening Day was frigid cold, and yesterday's contest had a constant drizzle of rain, although the heavy stuff thankfully held off until after the game ended. Things are not going to get any better.

Tonight, first pitch for the Indians to take on the Boston Red Sox is scheduled for 6:10 but that start time may be in jeopardy. Heavy rainstorms are moving in once again, and they are expected to be over Cleveland right around first pitch. To make matters worse, as temperatures dip throughout the night, there could be snow mixed in as well. Luckily, no matter what, the Indians are going on a road trip after this. They will finally get out of Ohio in April as they head to... Chicago to face the White Sox. Which is even worse.

Chicago has been getting pounded by rain over the past few days, and it probably will not let up until after the Indians leave town. Saturday looks like it'll be okay, at the very least, but Friday and Sunday have expected rain showers with temperatures going as low as the high-20s, including an 80 percent chance of precipitation on Sunday.

Following that, the Indians head to Tampa Bay to play the Rays. But, let's be honest, playing in Tropicana Field is just about as bad as playing in poor weather. There may not be rain in the dome, but it's basically playing in a giant poorly-lit dumpster, which is no fun for anyone.

Finally, when the Indians return home to play the New York Mets the weather might be better. A lot can change with a 10-day forecast, but right now it looks like temperatures will be in the 40-50 range and there is only a small chance of rain on April 17.

All hope of finally playing good-weather baseball will be snuffed out in the next series against the Seattle Mariners, though. April 19 through April 21 is expected to be cloudy and rainy.

Hopefully, by then, then Indians will be playing so well that we won't even care what kind of weather they are playing in.