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Jose Ramirez might as well not even wear a helmet

The Angry Hamster is already in midseason form.

Jason Kipnis may have opened the scoring against Clay Buchholz and the Boston Red Sox tonight, but it was Jose Ramirez's helmet -- or lack of helmet -- that highlight the first-inning RBI.

Ramirez already has a rather lengthy history of losing helmets and every time he does Indians Twitter goes nuts. He's like a baseball Gallagher where instead of smashing something to pieces he runs with such force that a helmet is ripped from a human head. Either way, we all need a blast shield when it happens. Ramiez also singled and notched an RBI in the second inning and, predictably, his helmet flew off again.

Ramirez is playing in left field tonight, and he will probably be used everywhere this season, at least until Michael Brantley and Lonnie Chisenhall return. And when they do, baseball gods willing, Ramirez will still find a way to get playing time backing up third base, shortstop, second base, first base manager, any position he can get his hands on. Dude is flat out fun to watch play.