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It's Opening Day and the Indians have no Columbus radio affiliate

Sorry, Columbus. The Fan doesn't want Indians fans any more.

Columbus skyline from Huntington Park
Columbus skyline from Huntington Park
Greg Grant

Had yesterday's game been played, nobody in Columbus could have heard it anyway. WBNS-AM is no longer carrying the games and the Indians have yet to establish a replacement.

I was reminded of this fact when I received an email from the Indians titled "Connect with the Indians in Columbus" which had this bit of information:

Indians Radio Network: The following network affiliates are in the Columbus region for you to listen to Indians games on the radio:

  • WDLR 1550AM- Delaware, OH
  • WMVO 1300AM- Mount Vernon, OH
  • WCLT 1430AM- Newark, OH
  • WBLL 1390AM- Bellefontaine, OH
WBNS is conspicuously absent. I sent an e-mail to Dave Van Stone at parent company RadiOhio and he confirmed that WBNS is no longer an Indians radio affiliate.

All four of these stations listed are small town AM stations that can barely (if at all) be heard on the fringes of Columbus during the daytime. At night when most games are played and the clear channel AM stations come out? Forget about it.

It's hard to blame WBNS for not carrying the Tribe anymore. They were never that committed to the Indians anyway. Ohio State is their bread and butter and they constantly pre-empted Tribe games for Ohio State baseball or the weekly football call-in show with the coach. Besides, their nighttime signal is not that great anyway.

The problem is that the options are limited. WMNI-AM (920), which carried the games for many years,  has committed to the Clippers. The other sports radio station, 1230 AM, carries the Reds.  CD-102.5 carries the Crew SC games and is a backup broadcaster for the Blue Jackets  and is unlikely to commit to an out-of--town team.

I have heard that the Indians are in negotiations with a Columbus area station which I cannot disclose, but until that deal gets worked out, Indians fans in Ohio's largest city are stuck without Hammie and Rosie on their airwaves.