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FanPost Question of the Week: Your 2016 predictions

What do you think is going to happen this baseball season?

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

This week's FanPost question is a simple one: Give us your 2016 predictions. This can be anything from just what you think the Indians will do in 2016, to full league standings, to your World Series picks. Whatever it is, try and make it interesting and a few paragraphs long. Give a real explanation for all your picks.

If you have not already been keeping up with the 2016 Prediction Contest, you also have until noon today to enter that, so get to it!

As always, if you do not already know how to submit a FanPost, follow our guide on FanShots and FanPosts to get up to speed. The best FanPosts will be


The last FanPost Question of the Week asked you to think of a creative (and fair) way to trade for Mike Trout. We only got one entry, but it was great! 9James gave a very comprehensive plan in Trading for Trout, including a backstory as to how it would happen. It also helps that his deal seems fairly reasonable for both sides, given the limitations of the question.