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Stop worrying -- it's time to enjoy the Cleveland Indians

It is time.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I really have no idea what to expect from the Indians this season.

Baseball feels a bit more volatile than most sports. Pitchers blow out elbows, left fielders forget how to spot a breaking ball, and Daniel Murphy perfects his Babe Ruth imitation during the postseason. For the Tribe, there are just too many moving pieces. How soon will Brantley play at 100% again? Is Yan Gomes, catcher, ever going to return to his brief but wondrous pre-knee-injury performance? Will Juan Uribe slug his way into our hearts? Is Trevor Bauer going to handle his bullpen duties with grace and skill? Can Tito Francona avoid a fruit bar relapse?

I’ve written at length about the worries, the concerns, the anxiety I have about the team. This is my instinctive, self-destructive reaction to a situation that I'm hopeful about. The time to talk about that is over. I’m unreasonably excited for this season of Indians baseball. The team could win 100 games. I like to avoid predicting as much as possible, but honestly, if the Indians win a world series sometime soon, why not do it this season? Why wait until Clint Frazier and Bradley Zimmer have a year under their belts?

Or, the Team could lose 100 games. Either way, nothing makes me happier than flipping on the game and hearing, "We’re underway at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario!"

I want to wake up on a cold April morning, call in sick, and drive hours to Progressive Field to sit in the upper deck.

I want to come home from work after having stayed entirely too late for reasons that don’t even deserve an explanation and catch the second half of the Indians at the Mariners, Salazar laboring but holding on to a one-run lead.

I want Francisco Lindor to dive after a ball that just slips past his glove, get up, and look angry. Then, the very next batter hits it into the same spot. Lindor dives, he extends his glove, it finds his mitt, he hops to his feet and throws to first and it's going to be close, the runner lowers his head and Mike Napoli stretches and --

I miss unexpected Indians doubleheaders during the week because of a previous rainout.

I miss Jim Rosenhaus declaring that the beat goes on in the fifth inning while Tom Hamilton is presumably devouring a steak.

I miss the bullpen that held a rookie’s first home run hostage and posted the ransom note on the internet for everyone to see.

I need a team that comes out and matches the energy of its most enthusiastic fans. I’m sure that this Indians team can bring it.

I need a team that isn’t afraid to joke around, to make light of its difficulties, to break up the monotony of the season but brings its best game every single day of the week. I feel that this Indians can deliver.

I need a team that takes us deep in to October, overcoming division and league foes to reach the World Series. I think that this Indians team can do it. I'll feel the same way next opening day, too.

Why bother if you don't?