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Cleveland Indians news and notes: Napoli breaks out, Codys break down

Morning news & notes for Wednesday, April 27, 2016.

If you look hard, on a clear night, you can still see Napoli's moonshot somewhere north of Orion's Belt.
If you look hard, on a clear night, you can still see Napoli's moonshot somewhere north of Orion's Belt.
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

There are days when baseball seems to be the only high point of the day.  Long days at work, a sink full of dishes, and a seemingly insurmountable mountain of student loan debt all seem to fade away when the Tribe takes the field.  Those days are great.  But then, like last night, there are days when the team seems to just add to the stressors of life.  Luckily, each day brings another chance for baseball to be a pleasant escape from the doldrums of life; hopefully, tonight is one of those nights!

Indians 5, Twins 6

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Another night, another late inning loss at the hands of the Minnesota Twins. This one came at the hands of Miguel Sano, who hit a walk-off single for the Twins after Napoli tied the game with a mammoth bomb in the top half of the ninth.  The Cody Duo could not keep the Twins in check, as their combined line was an ugly 6.0 IP, 13 H, 6 R, 2 BB, 4 K.   Coming into this series, the Twins were 5-14 (after having a historically bad start to the season at 0-9); however, despite the slow start, it was pointed out on the TV broadcast that the Twins had bested the Indians in 8 of the previous 10 meetings between the two clubs.  Hopefully the Tribe can salvage a win in tonight's game and avoid the sweep, having just come off an impressive sweep of the Detroit Tigers.

Indians news

  • Hunter close to joining Tribe bullpen from DL | MLB
    The Tribe bullpen has been shaky to start off the 2016 campaign.  One of the players who was signed in the offseason, Tommy Hunter, looks to help bolster the bullpen and create some stability for the Tribe during the later innings of games.  Hunter has been rehabbing in Columbus, and he's seen a lot of positive results during that time (he's allowed 1 run in eight innings of work).  If Hunter can pitch like he did over the 2013-2014 seasons, he will be a welcome addition to the bullpen.
  • Cans in the stands: attendance at MLB ballparks |
    It's a well known fact that the Cleveland Indians have an attendance problem.  When put on a graph in comparison to the rest of the league, it's a pretty dismal sight.  Cue the #dolanzrcheep memes.
  • The story of how former Cleveland Indians infielder Mike Aviles learned his daughter was cancer-free |
    One of the truly standout moments from last season had nothing to do with the win-loss record of the team; instead, it was how a team rallied around a 4-year old girl with a terrible illness to comfort and support her in a time of uncertainty.  Keep being strong, Adriana!
  • Around The League

    • Andrew McCutchen would like to remind you that Mike Trout and Bryce Harper aren't the only elite outfielders in the game.

    A team that grooms together, stays together: