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Indians news & notes: Ramirez makes shaky transition to the outfield

Morning news & notes for Friday, April 22, 2016

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April has typically not been kind to Indians baseball, and this year is shaping up to be more rule than exception. Losing 2/3 to the Mariners without facing King Felix is not ideal for a team that's been hovering around .500. But the games must go on, eh? Given the pitching woes of late, maybe we should find a way to trade for that Jake Arireta guy and stash him in the bullpen.

Mariners 10, Indians 7

Cody Anderson was not good yesterday. The bullpen? Even less good. The offense was varying degrees of good, rallying from down five to tie the game before Cody Allen served Robinson Cano a tasty meatball dinner. The Tribe now sits at 6-7 heading into a nine-game road trip wherein they'll face division rivals Detroit and Minnesota. While no April series should ever be called a "must-win," it sure as hell would do the Indians some good to take at least one of them.

Indians news & notes

Better focus leading to Shaw's increase in velocity | - It's an exciting season for Bryan Shaw so far, and he's seeing a huge increase in productivity: higher velocity, more strikeouts... higher ERA, more homers allowed, more walks. There's just so much of everything!

An early look at Jose Ramirez: outfielder | Burning River Baseball - Angry Hamster has been a good soldier. He's been willing to do anything that's been asked of him, including making the significant leap from middle infield to corner outfield this season. The results so far? Somewhere between Ryan Garko and Robin Yount.

Five red flags the Indians should heed before facing the Tigers | - Hoynsie drops a wisdom bomb, highlighting a few things to look out for in the upcoming Detroit series. The highlight of his highlights? Calling out the Tribe's "poor fundamentals" using Francisco Lindor's caught stealing in the 9th inning of yesterday's game.

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