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The Prop Board featuring interesting wagers on Francisco Lindor, Zach McAllister, and more

How many HR's will Lindor hit in 2016?

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Who doesn't like a fun wager or two?

My friends and I argue about sports-related stuff all the time, including baseball. Those disagreements lead to prop bets, spreadsheets, email chains, silly stakes, angry text messages, and numerous hard feelings. Yep, it's great, and we've been busy lately.

Let's look at recent wagers we've made to see just how many free Taco Bell lunches are in my future . . .

Francisco Lindor Hits 15+ Home Runs in 2016

Back Story: Lindor hit 12 home runs in just 99 games last year, which was extremely impressive and somewhat unexpected.  The talented shortstop showed an advanced bat while in the minors, but never much power before showing up last June in Cleveland.  My uncle is a huge fan of Lindor's and this little wager was brought up over a cutthroat game of horseshoes on Easter Sunday.

I've Got: Under 15

Who's the Favorite: ZiPS projects Lindor to hit 14 home runs this year in 622 plate appearances, so this one looks like a toss up.  I'm kinda secretly hoping I lose this one though.

Zach McAllister Finishes With 5+ Saves

Back Story:  My friend thinks Cody Allen is incredibly overrated and is constantly spewing the haterade on the Tribe's closer.  He's wrong, as Allen really is one of the AL's best closers.  His xFIP's of 3.03 and 2.83 the last two years and a K/9 rate in the 12's show just how solid he is.  My buddy thinks McAllister is the next man up in the Tribe's bullpen and was especially enraged after Allen's struggles on Thursday against the Mariners, so we quickly hammered out a little wager.

I've Got: Under

Who's the Favorite: While I do think McAllister could easily be in the conversation for saves if something happened to Allen, I think it's far from certain he'd be the guy or stay the guy.  I'm counting my chalupas already!

Royals Win the AL Pennant

Back Story: I don't like the Royals. At all.  And yes, I lost this prop last year too.

I've Got: Heck No.

Who's the Favorite: No way, not three years in a row.  C'mon, anybody but the Royals.