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Josh Tomlin pitches 5 innings in first start of 2016, Indians win 7-5

Saturday provided us with the return of Josh Tomlin and the Indians offense.

Cowboy who has now thrown 76 pitches in 9 games.
Cowboy who has now thrown 76 pitches in 9 games.
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Indians 7 - Mets 5

Box Score

Indians improve to 5-4


Josh Tomlin finally got to pitch in a 2016 regular season game—and it started in the most Josh Tomlin way possible, as he gave up a (solo) home run to Curtis Granderson, the Mets' leadoff hitter. In his 10 starts last season, Tomlin allowed 13 homers (11 solo), so yeeaaahh...

The Great Tomlin Strikeout Renaissance also continued in that first inning, when he whiffed two Mets.

To the surprise of nobody, Tomlin's opponent was able to top that in the first inning. Matt Harvey struck out Rajai Davis (surprise!), Jason Kipnis and Francisco Lindor.

Harvey had a perfect game until he walked Carlos Santana in the 5th. HOW DARE YOU TAKE A WALK, CARLOS!!1. Carlos then stole second, to show the commenters on other websites that somehow walks do get to second base. And score runs—specifically because of a Jose Ramirez double that followed. A+ radio man Tim Belcher doesn't think Santana would have scored without the steal, and I trust that assessment.

Ramirez scored, too, giving the Indians an unexpected 2–1 lead.

Josh Tomlin would leave due to an apparent injury after 5 innings (76 pitches). Jeff Manship pitched a scoreless 6th with the help of more excellent defense.

Things really got fun from there. So much fun that by the time Terry "Tito" Francona got Bryan Shaw into a game for the 10th time this week, the Indians had a 7–1 lead.

You know how I just made some implications about Bryan Shaw not being very good and getting into every game anyways? Yeah, that was before he gave up a 3-run homer to Yoenis Cespedes—AND STILL STAYED IN THE GAME.

And that paragraph above? Yeah, that was before Shaw was kept in following that too. AND GAVE UP ANOTHER #DINGER AFTER THAT! But this time, Tito was out to replace him before Neal Walker touched home plate. Finally. Hopefully Shaw heads on the disabled list tonight to get the rest he's needed for three years, but instead we probably get another 195 games of him this season. And 240 more next year.

7–5. Enter Cody Allen.

Fortunately, the two run cushion was enough for Allen, who set down the Mets without much drama.

Tomlin starts his season 1-0, though you should not be concerning yourself with pitcher wins.

Win Expectancy Chart

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• Side benefit of this win: Scott Boras loses a little money with every clunker Matt Harvey start.

• Collin Cowgill got his first hit before Michael Brantley returned. I think we had some kind of joke about whether this would happen. • I spelled "Collin" correctly without looking until after! Hopefully I don't need to remember this for long.